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Review of the Handbook of Creative Cities

Recently I read the Handbook of Creative Cities, edited by David Emanuel Andersson, Ake E. Andersson, and Charlotta Mellander. I really enjoyed it, and put together a book review for the Italian Journal of Regional Science, which I’ve uploaded to my Academia page here.


My conclusion:

The evolutionary an Austrian influence found in some later chapters (e.g. David Andersson, Stefano Morini, and Randall Holcombe) is particularly stimulating, and it is a welcome, if provocative, inclusion to the wider urban development discussion. But policy implications from empirical studies and normative theorising are commendably balanced throughout. This is no more evident than in the closing two chapters, which advocate opposing interventionist and libertarian platforms. The decision to accommodate diverse methodological (and ideological) approaches reflects the multidisciplinary nature of urban economic theorising, and the Handbook of Creative Cities is all the better for it.


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